Simple and clean. Andiata is an international women’s fashion brand rooted in Helsinki, dedicated for today’s women with a mission to design timeless clothes, which are long-lasting and are made from the finest materials to support a better and more sustainable future.

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    Responsive WooCommerce Store


    International women’s fashion

The initial development company had done technically stellar job giving us good grounds to continue further developing the online store. Together with Andiata, we analyzed areas of improvement and decided to introduce new sections to enable Andiata increased possibilities to specify their content on the store.

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An iconic Finnish wholesale company

We listened to Andiata and their desire for high quality brand. Building a successful online store for a high-quality fashion brand is demanding on software developers since it’s not only about technical superiority, it is about brand image as well. With that in mind, we increased the image quality, introduced new features in to the store and we continue helping Andiata in growing their business through the online store.


UI Design, WooCommerce Store, Wordpress

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