Prevent 360 Security Services

Prevent360 is the leading security service provider in the Finnish market. Company has its heritage as ISS Security and when it was bought out by an investor, company name was changed to Prevent360

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    Responsiveness, WordPress Development


    Security Services

Goal for the new website was to message customers about comprehensive security services. This message is at the center of the website.

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Prevent 360 Security Services

As the name Prevent360 indicates, they have an holistic approach to security services. To represent that, we implemented a 360 degree video in to the websites banner. At first, we thought this goal can’t be reached since we hadn’t seen such browser-based version (even YouTube’s browser version doesn’t allow to watch 360 degree videos). Luckily, our developers proved the management wrong and we were able to implement the desired video in to the browser. Another unique feature on the site is that highlight box content is modified based on customer’s earlier interaction with the website.

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Responsiveness, WordPress development

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