Suppilog is an innovative Finnish marketplace for manufactures and buyers of FMCG industry. With their solutions, buyers can buy directly from manufactures giving both parties a direct purchase line cutting out middlemen. Suppilog is looking to expand internationally.

As part of Suppilog’s international expansion plans, they are looking to extend the service to China. To do the required expansion, a proper partner in China is needed. Suppilog had created the initial contact with a large government owned e-commerce company and needed help to negotiate a Frame Agreement.

To achieve a Frame Agreement with a Chinese company, Suppilog decided that we shall travel to China and negotiate the deal in person. Before travel, basic information was exchanged and travel plans was agreed.

Our senior consultant went along to China with Suppilog with the goal of giving required support for Frame Agreement negotiations. As part of the negotiations, we had the roled for finding business benefits to both parties helping understand what can be done with the technologies, and how the technology can benefit the end customers.

The negotiation were successful and now Suppilog has successfully signed a Frame Agreement to build bi-lateral b2b business between European manufacturers and Chinese buyers. There is a plan for further expansion agreed as well.

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