From process automation to digitalization innovation and software maintenance. We are here to help you to focus in your core business while we support your software needs. We are a team of people in the intersection of business and technology merging them to drive your company’s growth.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)


We navigate time consuming manual processes throughout the organization and move them to software. Automation will be formed in to one centralized place where company can manage all of their automations. This way we make sure that critical processes are not managed by single people and we secure continuity in the company. Using RPA in companies increases employee satisfaction and helps companies in cost savings.

With AI and Machine Learning we seek for new ways to improve the automated processes.

Benefits of RPA for organizations:

  • Significant process improvement

  • People get time to work on more relevant value adding functions

  • Cost savings

  • Improved quality

  • Process documentation

We use UiPath software for RPA, which is selected as the best in the world by Gartner. We are a certified partner of UiPath and we continuously train/certify our people in RPA.


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Custom Software


Many things can be improved using an existing software, but often, companies have certain uniqueness that requires a custom-tailored software.

We build digitalization related projects with you from idea to a fully scaled product. These are commonly solutions where you empower your customers for an easier/smoother purchase process and automate the internal handling of the purchase.

When we develop any solutions, the user is in the center of the design and all our projects start with questions: Who is going to use this and how is it going to benefit them?

Often, custom solutions are built to take the full benefit of heavier investments in SAP ERP or Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Benefits of custom software:

  • Creating unique services to customers

  • Building tools to simplify employees work

  • Get true value of investments in core systems, such as SAP ERP or Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Integrating and moving data using APIs


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Since 2010, there has been heavy investments made in digitalization. Along with it, many companies have now custom developed software that is not properly maintained and is becoming an issue for the company. Sometimes issues are that current maintenance is too expensive, or the current companies is just not interested in it anymore.

We help our partners to move the software to our maintenance and further development. As part of the outsourcing, we modernize the solution and develop it to better serve your current needs.

Goal with our outsourcing services is to streamline your current organization and enable you to focus in your core business while we maintain your software.

Benefits of our maintenance service:

  • Extend the software product life cycle

  • Drive down maintenance costs

  • Have a partner who ACTUALLY wants to maintain the software

  • Have a team that scales up and down based on your needs

Do you have business critical software, but not a good partner looking after it?

Management Consulting

When you are looking to improve your organizations operation excellence and make room for digital product innovation, it is good to start all of it by understanding it from your business standpoint. Our highly experienced Management Consultants help you navigate through different possibilities to understand where most bang-for-the-buck can be achieved. With highly experienced Management Consultants, our experience is vast ranging from negotiating a frame agreement between our client and a Chinese government owned e-commerce giant, innovating completely new digital products to disrupt the existing market, consulting a top digital company to meet GDPR regulations, and improving existing processes to drive automation in company’s back-office functions.

Benefits of our Management Consulting:

  • Improve you process excellence and drive down costs

  • Understand your market potential

  • Innovate new digital products/services

  • Understand investment costs and create an investment plan

  • Product development roadmap

  • Redesigning Enterprise IT Architecture

Sometimes looking outside-the-box, and having an experienced person part of your team, is the solution for finding new revenue streams and driving down cost structures.