From idea to concept to scalable services, we are here with you. We deliver our services in modern ways with modern technologies while we are a bit old school when it comes to contract… We still like to give detailed project schedules combined with agreed budget. We take pride in delivering on time and in budget.

Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies look for the overall aspect of driving up their clients’ sales. We partner with agencies to drive sales up in the digital channels. We also understand that agencies are creative, and our role is to deliver Pixel Perfect solutions. Why are we a good partner for an agency?

  • We understand visually challenging web solutions

  • We help you to understand possibilities with in the digital space

  • We deliver on-time

  • Our solutions are built to last

Interested in having a partner that deliver the highest quality for your clients?


Start-up is an early stage company looking to solve a problem in the market place by creating a solution to it that is easily scalable to the international markets. We get it, and we are a good partner for start-ups since we can work with you from prototype to full scale service. Our delivery model keeps the costs reasonable while maximizing the bang for the buck.


  • Prototype (mockups)

  • Market segmentation

  • Go-to-market planning

  • Project roadmap

  • Technology roadmap

  • Functional listing

Design & Development

  • Prototype (technical verification)

  • MVP

  • Full scale solution

  • International expansion

  • Maintenance

Do you have a concept that you’re ready to work on?and create a project plan suitable for you.


Digital business is heavily shaping the future of Enterprises. Studies show that companies who invest in digital innovation grow faster than the ones who don’t. Which one are you?


GDPR Compliance
  • GDPR is an EU regulation that aims to protect customer data. With the new law taking effect May 25th, 2018, companies need to urgently study the effects of GDPR law and initiate operative updates to their organization to meet the new law. The law is here to stay, and it requires companies to continuously keep customer data secure.

  • Our experts will help you to plan and implement the organizational changes required to meet the law. The responsibility of GDPR is with the business owners, not with the IT department. But to successfully implement the new models, it affects the whole organization.

  • GAP analysis

    Data Information Statement

    Operative/implementation help

    Continuous services/internal auditing

Looking to meet the GDPR regulation or increase sales in digital channels?
Where should we go?
  • When you have realized that your company needs a boost, maybe market share has been declining, it is time to look in to new alternative. Our angle is in Digital Business. We help you to innovate new products and services to be introduced to curb your competition.

  • Innovation workshop


What to whom and how much?
  • We help you to clarify what you are offering, who the target client is, and how much are they willing to pay for it. Our Strategy Consultants have a vast experience in operating and consulting world class businesses. Common learning is that before going deep in to investments, it is crucial to know the target customer and verify if they see value in the product/service.

  • Market/competitor analysis

    Customer segmentation

    Product market fit analysis

Where are we now?
  • Before investing in to new products and services, it is important to understand where your company currently stands? During the analysis, we evaluate what you have already done, which systems have been used and is your organization ready to introduce new products/services to the market.

  • System architecture

    Current state analysis

Design & Development

  • Web / App design

  • Customized software

  • E-Commerce

  • Mobile Applications

R&D Sprints

Are you wondering which technology would meet your business requirement? We offer you a two (2) week sprint where we’ll do Research & Development to find an answer to you. Our R&D is very simple and straight forward. You’ll give us a challenge you want an answer to, we’ll go at it for two weeks. At the end, we’ll give you a report with the findings of that sprint + the source codes for development done.

Are you wondering what is the right technology or if the service/product is technically possible?